Cooking at High Altitude

At high altitudes, food simmers at a lower temperature, making slow cooking more time consuming than at lower altitudes. To help compensate for this, we recommend the following:

  • Always thaw food thoroughly before slow cooking; this is important at any altitude, but is essential for high altitudes
  • To cook a recipe calling for 8 hours on Low, set the slow cooker on High for at least the first hour of cooking then switch to Low for the remainder of the cooking time
  • To cook a recipe calling for 4 hours on High, increase cooking time to 5 - 6 hours
  • Soak and boil dry beans and legumes before slow cooking
  • As altitude increases additional cooking time will be needed; always use a food thermometer to make sure food has reached 165° F (per USDA Safe Minimum Internal Temperature)
  • Do not remove the lid during cooking, doing so is especially detrimental at high altitudes as the air is drier; add 20 minutes to cooking time each time you remove the lid